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Affordable Internet & Home Phone Solutions

GTC has harnessed the multiple technologies provided by the world today and made them easy to access, easy to use, and affordable.

We provide complete technology solutions for residential and business customers in this information age.

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Switching is Easy! Keep your existing numbers! More than 3000 satisfied customers in the Greenwood Area! Get great reception with crystal clear home phone service from Genesis Telecommunications. In the event that a mobile phone will not suffice during an emergency, you can rely on our home page service to help keep you safe. Our landlines provide consistent coverage allowing you to make calls whenever needed. Keep in touch with anyone in the world with country and international access.

DSL / Two Phone Lines $199

DSL / Three Phone Lines $259

DSL / Four Phone Lines $299

Five Lines or More (Please Call) Included With Our Service:

  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Voice Mail
  • Web Page & E-mail Hosting
  • Five Email Accounts
  • No Setup Fees!

Exceptional Quality Service

Genesis offers businesses and individuals, excellent pricing and service on custom built computer systems, notebooks, brand name parts, and accessories. Our goal for our customers is to " Maximize productivity and Minimize downtime".

GTC offers the expertise, superb customer support, and pc technicians to provide exceptional quality service.

We are committed to providing your home or business with all tools and connectivity that it needs to make your PC experience enjoyable.

* 24-hour troubleshooting with maintenance contract or retainer.

* Data Back Up-Secure your data and store it safely at our site or an off premises location of your own.

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  • Desktops
  • Notebooks
  • Accessories
  • Products by Brand
  • Networking
  • Service

Cost-Effective Internet Solutions

In today’s highly competitive world of business, a company has to be able to compete in more than one dimension. ASU is a pioneer in providing reliable, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective internet solutions while also providing exceptional customer support for businesses and individuals.

GTC offers the expertise, superb customer support, and network capabilities to provide exceptional quality service.

We are committed to providing your home or business with all tools and connectivity that it needs to make your Internet experience enjoyable.

We understand while everybody needs a dependable Internet plan, that a similar Internet plan is not the perfect fit for each client. High speed Internet service from Genesis Telecommunications brings fast speeds capable of supporting multiple devices anywhere in your home. Browse without the frustration of slow loading webpages with download speeds up to 10 Mbps.

Business Solutions That Increase Productivity

If you are a Small to Medium Business, Home-Based Business and even a Residential Customer, the search is over. Every time your computer breaks down, you are losing time and money. GTC provides computer repairs, hardware and software installations, upgrades, configurations, system optimization, maintenance programs, networking services. GTC has been created to provide on-site business solutions for people that need to increase productivity, reducing computer downtime and costs. We offer a wide range of services with great prices. A list of our clients includes: health care companies, mortgage companies,advertising agencies, physicians, insurance agencies, financial consultants, real state companies, construction companies, non-profit organizations and others.

Exceptional Networking

If you need dedicated links between multiple sites, to carry complex, time-critical communications including audio and video, or even a small local area network be it cabled or wireless, GTC can provide the answer. Our tailor-made networking solutions help knit your organization even closer together, improving co-ordination, reducing duplication and boosting customer service. Our customers are utilizing our capacity and expertise in new ways everyday. Keep head office in better touch with branches, let you monitor performance and allocate resources more accurately. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing

Give branches better access to head office resources - for example, to check stock at the warehouse, send customer orders in for processing, or to backup records securely off-site, enable branches to share information with other branches. For instance to check stock availability in other outlets, send inter-office email or share sensitive information such as reports, analyses and other critical decision making material.

Let us give you the flexibility you need to be competitive in today's market place!